January 20, 2006 8:40 am

Profile Types

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D I S C – types
I was recently reading a book titled Become Influential. In there the Author mentions about DISC types of people. I wanted to share this book and the concept, some of the Ideas I found very interesting. I am sure we all work with many people every day and that makes it implicit that we also work with people with same or different kind/taste than we are. What do you say. This books helps us identify what characteristics each type of person would have, what are the strong and weak points and what each type of person need to do to become better.
DISC can be compared with the personalities you might know – CSMP. Well, what do they even mean, some of you may ask. These are different Profile shapes used to describe different styles.
C  – Choleric
S  – Sanguine
M  – Melancholic
P  – Phlegmatic

D  – Dominance
I  – Influential
S  – Supportive
C  – Compliance
As author mentions repeatedly, that no one can exactly fall under one of these categories, there could be combinations – viz., D/I, I/S, D/C, etc.,
Some styles are also considered High D, High I, High C/S, etc.,

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