January 21, 2006 4:53 am

Persistence – When was the Last time you…..

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Persistence – When was the last time….
Our little daughter is becoming active day by day .. It is a lot of fun to watch her crawling around, walking all around the house. We had a doctor appointment for her for scheduled shots. We are at the doctor’s office, doctor’s assistant takes us to the office. Vidya goes through preliminaries like weight, height, etc. etc.
Now we are waiting and doctor comes in…
Doctor: Hi, how are you guys keeping up.
Us: We are doing great
Doctor: How is this little girl doing?
Us: She seems to be doing just great. We are concerned for her shots now 😉
Doctor: She sees to be active. Tell me what she does. Does she crawl around?
Us: She does, she is all around the house
Doctor: Does she sit up? babbles around? observe you all? etc etc
Us: Yes she does, etc etc
Doctor: Have you noticed the number of times she gets up on her feet, tries to walk, falls down, gets up again and again and all over again. When was the last time you were such persistent and tried things without getting bored or not giving up?
and now, that caught us. Yes, I think about it and Fortunately, We have been fairly disciplined with our goals and what we want to do. But at times I think, I have held off learning new activities that I wanted to do (like pursue MBA, learn blade  skating, etc) – either due to priorities or timing or what so ever. The point is Consistency and Persistency, being disciplined on finishing what we start, the Perseverance
I like this quote by Thomas alva Edison Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
Think about it – seriously – When was the last time you were so persistent in getting what you wanted – working through the efforts – overcoming the obstacles – being thankful and not taking life for granted. It is amazing how most people take life for granted.
One of the things I learned after reading many personal development books in past few years and especially in 2005 is Being Thankful – to God for this beautiful life; being thankful for every little things.

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