February 5, 2006 10:35 pm

#2 The Goal

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Few days ago I had posted about a book I had started reading – The Goal. Now that I am half way, thought of sharing some of the points. As mentioned before Author/Plant Manager goes on with some of the issues like throughput, inventory, scheduling, dependencies, Costing, Operational Costs, etc at the manufacturing plant. What I liked the most is learning about whats a plant or a business all about.Think through the variances and come out with an Objective. Thats true to an extent – I had visited some of the manufacturing plants during my college days and i remember the attitude of some people whom I had met and interviewed as part of my project there; Band most people working there not really knew what that unit’s goal was.  So – what is The Objective of any manufaturing business?  He calls it The Goal. When plant manager at the crossroads, thinks through the situation with the help of the Mentor and the sub-ordinates.  As a team they are finally able to turn around but learning many things along the way.

Few terms I liked and wanted to share:

  • The Goal
  • Dependent Events and Statistical Fluctuations
  • Bottleneck resource and non-Bottleneck resources

Now, while I am reading through this book, I have started to think and relate many situations in plant (manufacturing industry) into software industry. I am not sure to what extent it can be done – but I am learning a lot. Think about it – If you are a project Manager in IT industry, do you think you might be able to relate some of these hurdles, challenges? How would you keep the teams motivated in achieving the Goal.

more later…


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