February 16, 2006 7:27 am

About building Community…

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Robert Scoble links to Guy Kawasaki’s blog entry about building Community. Sure enough building Community is what coming back from decades ago. I recently read an article about the sociology,  about understanding people and customers of different age groups. What I learned there was about different categories of people from different time periods. Ferdinand Tonnies coined the following terms:
         Gemeinschaft – from around late 1800s or early 1900s
         Gesellschaft – around 2nd quarter of 20th Century
Socialogical changes been happening from pre-industrial era into information age and now into super-informational (so called) age. Mary Ann Allison from Allison Group called the current information age as Ge-CyberSchaft as people started processing more information and the knowledge is everywhere – it is the matter of how and where to find it and knowing what to find.  Susan Crawford shares about the Gecyberschaft from Mary Ann’s perspective.

I was thinking about it and found couple of entries about Geblogschaft as we are emerging to blogging concept.

I like the points 6 and 8 on Guy’s blog. I am not talking for any organization, per se, but as an individual in a community, it boils down to how transparent we are – and that is the way we learn.
Welcome criticism, Publicize the existence of the community.

I agree with Robert Scoble about being a participant at the events and building the relationship – get to know people around. I think that makes a difference in building the community.  


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