February 28, 2006 7:46 am

Email – a great tool, if used appropriately?

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Email program is a great tool. Specially email has become a primary mode of communication in the past decade or so. Ah! Well, blogs and other interesting stuffs are getting popular in past few years, despite, emails are still being preferred for private & confidential conversations.

So, what does it take to send an email. Umm… a SEND button! Yes, send button could be as worth as it can be and at the same time how embarrassing it can get. How many of us draft and review emails first before typing in recipient’s address? Seriously, like publish button I have here, I may hit publish and an incomplete message would get populated on the web.

I was browsing Memeorandum and I came across this incident of sending thousands of emails to college applicants. See here on computerWorld

There was another incident where college had sent few hundreds of email stating either cancellation of classes or something like that. I couldn’t locate the source information now.

Here is another news, where in emails were sent out by mistake congratulating on admission instead of thanking for applying.

This reminds me of a blunder I did years ago, when I was excited about a piece of code I wrote using CDONTS and application would pick email address from the database and send emails. I was demo’ing my work to a co-worker and had pointed to the database. Luckily, I had pointed to our own small development group and a demo unknowingly sent out an email to about 20 people (that was my sample size). I then had to send “ignore” email to the same set of people. I learned my lesson about being cautious while drafting email and review before click send, specially while Replying all or sending to groups.


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