March 2, 2006 9:20 am

First, Break all the rules

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I am listening to this audio book titled – First, Break all the Rules – authored by Marcus Buckingham. I am half way into it – and I wanted to share what i listened to and what I realized.

As I was listening to it, at times, I felt like I was some of those characters or scenarios he has listed. One of concepts I really liked and put into thinking process is about the 3 constraints any individual has:

To summarize:
Skills can be taught and learned
Knowledge can be acquired through training and experiences
But the most interesting part for me to think was the TALENT. He says there are 3 different types of Talent. Talent is an entity that comes within and can’t be taught from outside.

Alright, as I was listening to it, I was trying to relate the word Talent to Passion. I was thinking about the following questions to understant what really Talent meant.
What excites me to do more?
What makes me be cheerful?
What are such inbuilt characteristics that I have and how do I evaluate / assess them.
so on and so forth..

Yes, I was selfish, to learn what my talents are. I am open to learn some of these from others. He also mentions in one of the tracks about the feedback, the Perception people have about us, the process of getting to know what our strengths are, etc., This reminds me of another analogy I had come across before about 4 quadrants about self and others’ perception about us …

1st Quadrant: Characteristics that we know about ourselves and others are also aware about us
2nd Quadrant: Characteristics that we know about us but others do not.
3rd Quadrant: Characteristics that we are not aware of but others can easily point out and what they think about us. So this was the section that helps us, if we think through and ask for, from others. I am sure there is a great deal about stuffs that others either may like or dislike and we keep doing. I guess to build the interpersonal awareness and become influential, this is what we need to be very caustious about and be open or transparent to learn more. Be willing to hear the truth and be willing to make changes, if need be.
4th Quadrant: things that we aren’t aware and even others’ aren’t about us. So where do we get this kind of information – I strongly feel it is through the books we read, conversations we have with others on a day to day basis.

Other points Marcus points out in this book is about building the relationship, assessing where we want to go, where we are today, building the personal stamina that we need – grow internally, mentally; Setting right goals and expectations, etc.,

I think there are more things to learn from his book. I will blog more once i complete listening to that CDSet.

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