March 11, 2006 4:39 am

Sports drink and your Teeth

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How worse could a Sports Drink like Gatorade or Red Bull to your teeth. Study shows, Gatorade is much erosive than any other soft drinks. Although I have never tasted this drink, I have seen many people enjoying this drink. I had also heard from many who go workout at Gym that Gatorade hydrates your body as you work out. It is now concerning that it could even harm the teeth.

I came across this article on WebMD. 

“I don’t think everybody realizes how erosive these things are, especially Gatorade and Red Bull,”
People need to be aware that all sorts of beverages can be causing dental erosion.

It was surprising to me that even fruit juice like Apple Juice can cause this issue. So, I learned that the basic ingredient that makes it harmful is sugar. I remember another article couple of years ago that a can of Coke/Pepsi might include about 32 teaspoons of sugar. umm… now thats scary..

“There is pretty good evidence now that this is not just sports drinks, but soft drinks and juices in general’
 “They have become the main source of sugars in the diet. It comes down to the more sugar in the drink, the more risk of [cavities] to the person drinking it.”

Read this article on webMD for information about experiment, consumption and more… [link]

(copied from my spaces blog)


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