March 30, 2006 6:12 am

Done Done!

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Before coming to seattle area, my understanding for Done was “task is completed” and it wasn’t “Done…But”. During a conversation with somebody years ago when I said Done, I was asked if I was Done Done? I said “what do you mean?” Well, to cut the story short, this is when I learned the pattern and usage for Done Done!

How many times we get into such situations on our daily life? How about customer support? Here is a great article on Sticky Minds titled “Done Done – the magic of Completion Criteria Magic” by Payson Hall – gives such an instance and where the possible root cause is.

Setting expectations with each other in daily life is one of the basic frustrations that usually encounter. It also boils down to perception, most of the times. The way we understand each other. At times, I realized, people convey half of what they have in mind and not being open enough to convey what they want to and need to. When I think about it from self experiences and observing others, it is to an extent, the relationship, trust factor and ofcourse that leads to open and honest communication.

There are many great articles on Sticky Minds and Better Software websites. check it out….

I thought I was done writing this post… but not really done done… 🙂
Well, I better stop here … done done 🙂


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  1. delightful!!! http://www.gmkewanee.com

    Comment by greviston — June 26, 2006 8:58 am @ 8:58 am | Reply

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