April 4, 2006 8:14 am


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Mentor as I read in one of the books recently and experienced most of these while I had(ve) the mentors for myself.

M – Serve as a Role Model

E – Encouragement – be a cheer leader / advocate to a mentee

N – Nurthure – Make the most of the mentee's talents to build 'em

T – Teacher – be  a coach – Give Constructive Feedback (be honest that helps Mentee to build his/her character)

O – Organization – guide through the metee's goals and action

R – Reality – Help mentee set realiztic and achievable goals – encourage and help them achieve each one of their goals

Not only must a Mentor know what to say but How to say it and when.

I was having a conversation with somebody and he happened to mention something similar to it – "Often to people it doesn't matter what you say, but How you say it makes the difference. " I believe this also counts the emotional factor into it.


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  1. […] I recently started re-reading a book titled “The art of Mentorship” (i don’t remember the author name at the moment). I have had a mentor at work last year and have one this year. I learned a lot on positive ways of working with mentor. I had once commented about the few of the attributes of mentorship before. […]

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