April 11, 2006 6:55 am

The power of blogging…

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well, I don't need to write about the power of blogging as there are already number of blogs, white papers, articles and even books out there talking about pros and cons of blogging, the power of blogging, etc etc.
2 books related to blogging I recently read or currently reading:  
       Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble & Shel Israel
       Blogging with MSN Spaces by Katherine Murray, Mike Torres
   Naked Conversations is a great book to understand the concept of blogging; why to blog; live examples of people being successful in corporate blogging, etc.,
   Blogging with MSN spaces – helps you use lot of cool features in MSN spaces available. I am still half way thru' with this book but I found it very interesting.

I started this post to share my recent observation for the power of blogging. I often read Guy Kawasaki's blog. I often find valuable information for some of the things I wanted to learn. well, recently he had posted about request for topics or ideas to cover in his blog. Apparently, there were over 100 people responded and I am sure there would be over 100 ideas – it is a great resource of ideas for anybody to build on from. It is just amazing.

I don't know why I am thinking about the information age and knowledge sharing related stuffs today. I just remembered a talk I had attended long time ago by The Allison Group where I had heard about geCyberSchaft – that we have knowledge everywhere – it is now hard to process and use what we need. The power of building communities, blogging, forums – most times help build the hi-touch – build the relationship (as Robert says) with people.


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