April 20, 2006 7:11 am

Blogs and News papers

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I usually don’t listen to the radio in car – but it just happened to turn on the radio last night while I was driving. I tuned into 94.9 KUOW a little after 8pm.I heard the term Blog and I stayed tuned at that station. There was this discussion going on about Blogs and News Papers and most news paper companies having their own blogs. What the Pros and Cons of having Blogs over News papers, etc, etc. It was very interesting interview.

What got me was the term “Credibility”. The conversation said – it is all about the credibility of who blogs it when people read the information. Yes, very sure that there are hundreds of links / blogs discussing the same topic. So how do we know what the genuine ones are? Whom do we listen/read to? How are the blogs controlled for the accuracy of information that is posted? One of the things I remember reading in one of the popular blogs (I know you guessed it) that if you are not open/disclosed who you are and what you do, etc while blogging, it takes a long way to earn and build that credibility.

Personally, I haven’t read the physical news papers in about 7 years now. How many people do you think are buying and reading news papers today? I assume most people would hop on to computer/internet and go directly to the news sites like MSNBC, NewYorkTimes, etc. Technorati is another site that links directly to recent posts in topics of your interest (technorati tags). I think to most extent it makes sense to get information quickly than wait until the editorial paper comes out the following day or the following week – by then – you guessed – information might be stale.

Listen to the interview audio if you would like.

Where do you think NewsPapers are heading to in this information era?

(note: just my personal thoughts about blogging and physical proofread newspapers – post is as is from my thoughts and not reviewed)


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