April 27, 2006 3:30 am

Workflow processing with MS Outlook

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I was recently reading a book "Workflow Processing using Microsoft Outlook" by David Allen. i have been using microsoft Outlook for many years now, and I am sure many others do – but how many of us really use it to the full extent. Alright, I agree it is a huge product and there are many things that can be done. Yes, I have used some of them like Notes, Tasks, Calendar, Contacts etc other than Inbox. I also know many people limit the usage to inbox and not more. Well, I just said i have used tasks and notes – But not really to an extent of improving productivity. As I was reading this book, it makes me think I haven't really used these features better to the fullest yet.

if you are interested to know what more can be done using Microsoft Outlook, check it out….



  1. Here are some links that I believe will be interested

    Comment by wipegut — August 9, 2006 6:19 am @ 6:19 am | Reply

  2. hey this has no comments – here;s one …
    I’m of to check it out
    I’m interested in hwo Outlook can be used for workflow

    Comment by bob makemoney — October 2, 2009 7:03 am @ 7:03 am | Reply

  3. je cherche une gestion de bon de commande workflow via outlook merci

    Comment by Abdenacer — June 23, 2011 2:00 pm @ 2:00 pm | Reply

    • Bonsoir ;

      Juste je voulais savoir si vous avez trouve la gestion de commande via outlook workflow , je suis tres interesse


      Comment by Abdenacer — August 26, 2011 3:24 pm @ 3:24 pm | Reply

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