May 12, 2006 8:04 am

Website UI experience – what do you think?

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I am looking at one of the banking institution's website (I choose not to mention the name, it is irrelevant here).

There are various things on the home page – that I like – and the information was handy and easy to figure out – so great Accessibility – I loved it. Since there are many pointers like Create new account, existing customers, New customers, interest rates, charges, etc, etc, etc,

  1. Now, i click on Account type to learn more about that account
    1. it asks me to pick the location
    2. so I did
  2. It now opens a new browser instance
  3. Now I pick an account type
  4. opens another browser isntance
  5. pick interest / charges link
  6. opens another browser instance
  7. click contacts
  8. opens another browser instance
  9. Click create New account
    1. opens another browser instance with couple of options [online, download form, visit branch]
    2. I pick download form
    3. opens another browser instance with a form on
    4. enter name/email details and say download
    5. it now opens another browser instance with 3 options (online, download, visit)

Anyways, my point is opening so many instances for each link click. I am not using Tabbed browsers like IE7 or FireFox. So, within few minutes My screen was full of 10 to 15 browser windows for the same Domain site.


  • What do you think of such UI experience?
  • What would you propose otherwise?

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  1. […] I recently posted about a user experience relating to one of the websites and that was in a different way. I stumbled across another site today and the font settings on that website seems to be very good. I am not sure if the site is targeting a different set of users – anyhow it has slightly bigger font compared to many other sites. Thats a great Accessibility the site has considered Although I don't remember I have seen sights having buttons / links at the top mentioning about increasing or decreasing the fonts. I like this set very much as it gives user a choice what he/she likes. […]

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