June 1, 2006 6:37 am


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I was reading Robert's blog – there he mentioned about many things in this post. What caught my eye tonight is about the various business chains and the standards – Consistency. ["The chain restaurants stand out on signs like this. Why? Consistency." ]. This reminds me and inspires me to think about the predictability. I remember reading somewhere – "What business in McDonalds in? – food or real estate?"

I heard and have noticed many people walking into the fast food restaurant like McDonalds / BurgerKing and ordering food by the number associated with and not really need to even know the name (to exaggerate) – thats right. People know what they can expect from BurgerKing in any corner of the country. [exception – for any regional offers they provide in different countries – for instance, i heard McDonalds in India makes different kinds of burgers for the local taste and ingredients].

Reading about various articles and books, working with various teams, I realized certain standards and being Predictable and having that consistency is what makes individuals or businesses to build that trust with other people / customers. The same concept of consistency and predictability applies every where – from individuals working in team environment, within family and to the small and huge businesses in any industry.

Alright – this post made me recall terms like consistency, predictability, trust, standards, expectations, individuals, businesses, etc., When it comes to be in team environment – I realized communication, being Open and transparent – is another factor that helps people to earn the required trust and to be predictable and consistent in what an individual promise and does. That's hard to be open as I have seen in many environments.

note: Even i need to learn writing properly and be predictable on what I write and categorize appropriately, i guess 🙂

<update> one other example I noticed for consistency is most software applications that we use today. Krishnan has posted a related information on his blog. </update>


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