July 26, 2006 8:47 pm

Cab/rental car and level of customer service

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I had booked a car and a driver to go to work and go around in
Hyderabad during my stay there a month ago. I heard, usually the job description for drivers is just to take the passengers from A to B as the passenger/guest requests for. What’s interesting was he helped me find the things and places I wanted to find out and buy. Also he volunteered picking up items for me, buying the tickets for my brother, etc., Talk about the time sense, he was just perfect and been punctual all the time. I have had negative experiences with other drivers like being rude, not being punctual, etc., from the same travel company and different travel companies as well.  

Why did I mention about this now? How has your experience ever been cabs/cab drivers before? Did they all think driving as their job or added value with some personal touch like these little things? I believe these little things do matter when it comes to either getting the repeat business or at least a personal satisfaction helping others specially when people are new in the city; helps build the trust that it needs. At times I dropped off at some other place in the evening to go around the city and sent him off. But he called me on my cell phone at night to see if I needed a ride or if I needed any help around to get back to the hotel where I stayed.  

Also, fairly similar experience I had with the owner of this cab service travels I worked with, for a different perspective. He made sure to provide the vehicle at times, even at the last minute when I made my mind to go out and he made the arrangements within few minutes. He also volunteered to change the car, work around something with different clients he had. At times he went the extra mile that it needed. So, then on I knew that, these people would help me when I needed. So who do you think I am going to refer to somebody else in that city?

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  1. Cool….Need to get such a person when we go to India next

    Comment by Lakshmi — July 27, 2006 10:21 pm @ 10:21 pm | Reply

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