August 9, 2006 4:32 am

Entrance fee at places – Why the difference?

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Entrance fee – Why the difference? 

Recently, when I was in H’bad, I had a chance to visit couple of places nearby. Golkonda fort, Museum, etc., all have some amount of entrance fee. Golkonda is a beautiful place and I enjoyed going around there very much. I assume those places also meant to be for tourism. However, what I noticed and kind of didn’t feel good about was the difference in entrance fee. For example, if they are charging 10rs for local-ites, the same entry costs about Rs.150/- for an outsider. Why is that so? One thing I have noticed traveling outside
India was there was no difference in tickets to such public places. Why is it being different there? I should not be complaining about these being a citizen of the same nation, but this is something I would like to know. People at the ticket counter are either not willing to share or not aware since it is their job to sell tickets and not necessarily know the answers for everything. On the other hand, I didn’t notice them checking for passport or Identity cards – so the only way they charge that amount is by face – and now that doesn’t sound right to me.

Any Idea why this is so? Why can’t they make it equal for everybody. Just being a foreign national visiting place doesn’t mean he/she can afford as much money they charge. May be I haven’t traveled enough to know the world and how other countries do.


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