August 29, 2006 4:25 am

Blog posts, Hobbies, – Random thoughts

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Talk about making time for another hobby as blogging, it sometimes becomes so hard. I traveled recently and I had many thoughts and points to observe and I did notice many things with respect to technology, customer service, people management, time sense, appreciations, courtesy, traffic rules, city infrastructure, punctuality, friendliness, et al. I posted few of those in past few days but I have been unable to compose all the topics and observations I had collected. Yes – I do have the titles written down to elaborate further, however.  So, if I write one post every day I have titles for at least a month, I guess 🙂 

I once had this discussion with somebody and also had read somewhere on Blogging as a habit and profession. Well, there are people professionally blog as part of their job and that’s different. When it comes to an extra curricular, most times things go into lower priority. So, I heard some of them spend an hour before going to bed at night for blogging and some do it in the morning hours. Some people draft out the content during the week and post them when time permitted once in couple of days or once in a week. However my challenge has been not with posting itself per se, but writing out the content for all the titles I have. Anyways, I started drafting the content when I do make time — and later post ’em when I go online. How do you make time for bloging? How do you work around the life’s priorities to blog?  

I agree it needs the proper GOAL and the Determination to pursue as a hobby. Of course, 80/20 rule applies even here I suppose. 20% of the people having hobbies to pursue would do it anyway and rest 80% of the people having hobbies would have to push ’em into lower priority due to other priority stuffs in their life. What do you say? What are your experiences with pursuing your hobbies?  

I know there are many questions to ask when it comes to pursuing anything:·         

  • What are your hobbies?
  • What makes you get motivated to pursue and achieve them?
  • What are the obstacles keeping you from pursuing/achieving them?
  • How can we overcome those obstacles?
  • How can we priorities activities in our life to consider profession, career, academics and hobbies all together?·         
  • And many more… I hope this is something debatable in a broader sense… 

From Readers:I would like to know your hobbies and how you work around your priorities to pursue them? What is the best way to make that time for hobbies when your tasks are almost pretty tight for every day (assuming the 4 quadrants of Urgent and Important).  

Thinking about 4 quadrants, I am about to re-read the book titled “First things First” by Dr. Stephen Covey to learn more about the quadrants (Urgent and Important.)   

Well, when I thought about these further, a term came into my mind. Yes! You guessed it – PROCRASTINATION. Is it something I am going through. Talking about procrastination – I recently came across another blog write up about good and bad procrastination. Now that I learned about this, I am re-evaluating my daily tasks to see if I am part of any of these and if I can change anything in setting priorities still being ok to procrastinate for better reasons.  

What has your experience been in procrastination, if you ever did so? 🙂  

I thought of splitting this post into couple of isolated pieces as it covered 2 or 3 points but they all seemed inter-related and combined all in here.  

Well I leave it at here for now and take some break…….. 



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