September 5, 2006 6:09 am

Information Age / Participation Age

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Blogging picks up the participation much faster than the TV or the Internet. If you have come across the s-curve in technology evolution what we see is the time taken for each technology to get popular. Although I don’t remember on top off my head – it is definitely faster for a TV and Internet compared to CAR, Airplane and Phone many decades ago. 

Blogging will grow much more faster as we see over all with new features like RSS feeds, etc that makes it so convenient to read and participate in more and more blog discussions, share ideas, learn from others, accept critics and appreciations to make our products and services better, et al.

I recently read an interview post of the CEO of Sun MicroSystems and he says “If the Information Age was passive, the Participation Age is active. One of the great things about writing a blog is the participatory aspect of it, not to mention that it’s a great platform to discuss the Participation Age.

An excerpt from this article “Aug. 1, 2006 — Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun Microsystems Inc. President and CEO Jonathan Schwartz is working on cultivating the “Participation Age” one blog entry at a time. While some critics are unsure of how blogging can be applied to the bottom line, Schwartz offers evidence. One of his recent blogs notes that information travels best through word of mouth — working to educate consumers and potential clients


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