September 13, 2006 7:44 am

Doctors and patients relationships…

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I came across this blog post mentioning about the doctors and Patients relationship and how doctors can ensure helping patients giving better information. A quote goes ” Even though we might assume some patients are not aware, I think we should always talk to them,…” and the following line caught my eyes ” …In the medical profession doctors often find themselves at the opposite end of the realtionship continuum with many patients wondering and skeptical about their doctor’s level of care and concern for them….” 

I had shared about my recent experience in another blog post, and how quick my appointment was. Sure, I liked the amount of time it took and the response I had at the lobby and the new office environment was great.. inspite, deep inside, I felt, did I really get answers to all my questions. I know my doctor was busy – but the question I still had – “should I make another appointment or search on medical encyclopedia or other sources?” At times, I felt the nurse line service providers were better in answering our questions taking their time out.

The common response I hear from lot of people asking – “anybody have a great doctor who can answer my questions, even if they are silly questions?” I am very interested to get to know if there are ways I can have extra time with my doctors during my appointments and if they could tell me more and help me understand. I don’t know many medical terms, and sometimes, I even go blank of what to ask.


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