September 13, 2006 5:23 am

Sales staff at apparel store and courtesy

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I visited Hyd few months ago. It was the first time I visited Hyd. I located a mall around the place where I stayed. I went into the mall to look for some clothes. No doubt the sales staff there is usually very helpful and mostly informative. Intentions might be to serve you better but it seems over-cautious or whatever – but it appears as if they are escorting (or watching) you while you are around. I picked something. A person appeared from nowhere took the garment I was holding started suggesting about the material color saying it was the best piece they had in the store – showed me some matching stuffs, – Well not giving me an option to say yes, he straight away headed towards the counter. I finally interrupted and said, I needed only one piece I had picked originally and thanked him for his suggestions. I thought he was a great advocate to suggest me all the great things.  

However, I decided on one item and said yes. The next moment I see him going towards the counter, I followed him. He checked the price and gave it to the person at the counter. He himself volunteered to ask me if I was paying by cash or card. Next minute, he checked the price, took out a tiny little notebook from his pocket, wrote the date time and the amount, and disappeared a very next second.  

So where did all the courtesy, etc go. Until the counter? Till the point to ensure the sales quota for the day?  And not really care about the customer through the completion of that transaction? I am happy that they explain very positive (though sometimes those items be of lower quality), etc – but how I wish they take time to thank the customer and wait till the transaction gets over? I just hope that the customer service gets better – although I had lot of better observations with respect to customer service at different places in Hyd.  🙂

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