September 13, 2006 6:20 am

Suggestica…. Which book to read?

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I was asked many times as to what I do during my spare time – I don’t know about many others but I have/had cultivated a habit of reading books for many years now. Be it a technical book or a purely personality development or financial related books.

At times, it is hard to figure out what book to read. I used to stop by at Borders or Barnes and Noble stores, or any other book stores and wonder which one to read. I see a lot of books and think of reading all of them – but how do I set the priorities then? Well, I came across (via LifeBeyondCode) this new site named Suggestica, where you can find the books by expert areas and get the suggested titles to read. Suggestica seems to be more helpful if you also have a role model and want to know the kind of books they are reading and suggesting. for example, suggestions by BillGates, StephenCovey, JimCollins, KenBlanchard, RamCharan, and many others…

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  1. […] I had come across Suggestica site recently and posted an intro last time. However,  I was showing the site to some one today, and we realized a suggestion to Suggestica. As we were browsing through the different sections and authors and the book suggestions, we thought it would be beneficial if the people who suggest their book list, also describe why they would suggest a particular book and what made them to pick this book to suggest out of many others they might be reading then. I am sure this information would help others to get that knowledge. see here for more information on what suggestica about. […]

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