September 26, 2006 7:10 am

Project Management Methodologies …

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I had once posted about the transparency in communication within the project teams, different methodologies of project management, etc before. What I recently realized is a great experience of evaluating a project to be done in a particular methodology. Sure enough, there are different methods and the most common known method (if structured) would be the Software development life cycle. At least, that’s how I started working and getting awareness of project development from my college and interview days initially.  

Well, I have also performed projects before (years ago) in a very ad hoc model – where a marketing person would bring in the requirements, we did not have proper documentation, so marketing person explained verbally what the business needed, and we developers understood what he said and we built something, demoed it to our internal managers, they thought that was the requirement, marketing guy agreed and took us developers to the customer site for deployment. That was one of the most embarrassing situations I have been at – we deployed it and demoed at the customer site. They sat through and asked, we didn’t asked for this kind of requirement – how did it come through – this is what we needed. That’s when I really understood the importance of SDLC and proper communication, etc.,  

Just recently I was part of the discussion where we adopt another methodology viz., SCRUM or stick with a waterfall model. The realization I mentioned at the start of this blog post was the dependencies. I am sure SCRUM professionals will defy my observation here, but at least what I came to know is SCRUM may not be the right choice for the tasks that have really external dependencies. I had talked to many other people who are already adopting to this method and have heard many positive things – but what I noticed from others’ stories was about the dependencies – it appears external dependencies was not an issue there.  

If you have used SCRUM methodology in your experience and if you had any external day-2-day dependencies to be dealt with, how did you deal with it? Are there related resources and pointers that I could look at for more information? 

Talking about that, I have read the book like “Agile Project Management: SCRUM” by ken Schwaber – who developed the SCRUM model. One other resource I have been following up is AgileAlliance 

I just came across a tech talk video by Ken Schwaber himself on Google video site. He explains about SCRUM as an agile management tool, trends in market place today, terminology within SCRUM process, sprints, etc.. take a look – here is the link It is about an hour’s talk and very informative.

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  1. […] As part of the SCRUM methodology for project execution and management, Pigs and Chickens play very important roles respectively. I also came across another term recently – fly on the wall – another category of people who do not really have any stake in the project but just be there as observers and these people may not have any specific influence on the scrum team. […]

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