October 2, 2006 6:27 am

Pigs and Chickens

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As part of the SCRUM methodology for project execution and management, Pigs and Chickens play very important roles respectively. I also came across another term recently – fly on the wall – another category of people who do not really have any stake in the project but just be there as observers and these people may not have any specific influence on the scrum team.


However, I have been part of the discussions recently in evaluating a project methodology (scrum / waterfall) and started reading more about the SCRUM concept. This site Pigs and Chickens  seems to have good information about the SCRUM FAQs. I liked couple of posts I read and thought of sharing across.


Excerpt taken from the above site:

“A chicken and a pig were walking down the road. The chicken says to the pig, “Do you want to open a restaurant with me?”. The pig considers the question and replies “‘Yes’. What do you want to call the restaurant?”. The chicken replies ‘Ham and Eggs!’. The pig stops, pauses and replies, “On the second thought, I dont think I want to open a restaurant with you. I’d be committed but you would only be involved.”

One of the blogs posts I liked on this site was  expectations  / responsibilities of pigs and chickens roles in daily sprint meetings.


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