October 3, 2006 6:44 am

Elevator Pitch vs Fillers? – How detailed should the response be at professional situations?

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        Well I guess it depends on that situation obviously. Assuming it is completely a professional environment or a professional interview or a job interview – whatever the case may be, I believe it is better to judge and draw a line appropriately and not take advantage of time. I was at one of the classes few months ago on communication – and learned about different communication styles people have. I have noticed some people drill down to know more information and some would just want to know at the higher level and be able to understand better. I just stumbled on this article – Tell me about yourself doesn’t mean tell it all – via Mike’s blog post.

        I was part of one of the interview discussions few months ago, and as an interviewer / receiver, I think I was able to sense it – when the response from the other person was way too elaborative explaining many other sequential activities.

        I just recalled one of my instructors giving an example of 30second elevator pitch. As I understood, it is an art of conveying the message within 30-seconds of time the elevator goes from 1st floor to the 3rd floor. It appears like Mike has given the elevator pitch example in the same post as well. Talking about elevator pitch, Work essentials part of Microsoft Office website has a nice article and a demo on how to write such 30-second elevator pitch.

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