October 28, 2006 5:29 am

Cut tablet before swallowing?

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I read an article on Times of India via Mindscope about cutting pills into pieces might have drastic effects. I remember during my childhood, our people around used to cut the tabs into halves and of doctors had suggest that as well. I think TOI article needs to provide evidences or actual survey numbers and be specific on the side effects. Agreed, one of the issues with cutting some pills into pieces causes rough edges and takes the coating away – that might damage the intestine as mentioned the same article.


I have even noticed a pill slicer product at the local Walgreens store when I was there recently. That means, it should probably be ok. Ah well, some one mentioned and I realized not to cut or crush was due to the bitterness it gives while we swallow it specally when you open up a capsule and put the powder in water or milk. Anyways, as always, there are mixed opinions on this topic.


“According to experts, over 80% of people have a habit of crushing tablets to help patients, especially children and the elderly, take their medicines. However, doctors say the trend is alarming and dangerous. Not only does crushing pills alter the effect of the drug, it can also affect the way the drug is released or absorbed, possibly causing serious side effects.



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  1. Well, it depends on what kind of pill it is, right? It was okay for me to cut my diabetes pills in half because my dose was 2.5 mg, but the pharmacy only had 5 mg pills. But meds that are time released or enteric coated (to protect your stomach) shouldn’t be cut!

    Comment by Anita Rowland — October 28, 2006 2:05 pm @ 2:05 pm | Reply

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