October 28, 2006 4:53 am

SQ3R method

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I was reading one of the books recently and apparently started reading the introduction section. I usually don’t read the introduction or preface section, although I sometimes skim through the back page to see some comments written by others authors. I started doing this couple of years ago when I heard someone saying that we should be able to know what to expect from the book when we read other’s comments and how it helped them to make the comments they have made.

I think I am glad I started with an intro section this time. It was very crisp and concise on what to expect out of that book. Well, the author had also narrated the SQ3R reading method that got me excited for learning something more. I later on came across few more resources for SQ3R method [1][2][3].

SQ3R – Survey -Query – Read – Review – Recite.

Survey the document: scan the contents, introduction, chapter introductions and chapter summaries to pick up a shallow overview of the text. Form an opinion of whether it will be of any help. If it does not give you the information you want, discard it.

Query: Make a note of any questions on the subject that come to mind, or particularly interest you following your survey.

Read through useful sections in detail, taking care to understand all the points that are relevant. Mark or make notes while reading the material.  

Review: run through it in your mind several times.

Now Recite the material looking at the notes or try to answer your questions in your mind or on paper.

I think these 5 steps makes us better understand the material and read it to retain the information and not just for the sake of reading. I agree, i have some books but not really remember much of it at the same time there are few books I have read and can’t fort


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