November 29, 2006 10:09 am

ye! it is snowing in Seattle

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from the blue, it started snowing in Seattle area last night. I was working from home and didn’t get to see out side for most of the day and evening. My wife and daughter V’ came home at about 5:30 and we were having our dinner. I just happened to see outside the window and to my surprise it was white all around. It was probably a few minutes after 5:30 when I noticed it. Glad that my wife and V’ made home before it started snowing here. And then a few minutes later it was couple of inches. V’ and I went out to explore some snow at least to have her experience the snow a bit. We stepped out. I could see or at least sense some thoughts that were going on in her head. I put her on the pavement and started taking some pictures. She started walking i thought she was enjoying and in a moment – zap, she slipped and started crying. oh no! well one more picture and consoled her while we both went to pick up our postal mails.

We then made a little snow-man that turned out to be a happy feed penguin, hehe and took some more pictures in the dark.

It is kind of way too early to snow in November, specially in Seattle area where it usually snows once a season and around the end of January or early february. I remember my first driving in Snow when I was in New Jersey few years ago. It was a lot of excitement and at the same time I was scared not only for snow but also for my driving since I was driving for first time in my life. It was a great feeling though. Anyways, I chose to take bus this morning, and noticed a lot of abandoned cars on roads. Sure enough, roads were messy, icy and would have been hard to drive in 6-7 inches of snow.

 I just heard there is going to be another wave of snow fall wednesday night through thursday morning.

High Temp 27°
Low Temp 20°
Precip Trace

It looks like it is going to be like this for the rest of the week


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