December 19, 2006 3:00 am

Northwest Windstorm …

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On Thursday, dec 14, a co-worker of mine had forwarded a message mentioning about the huge windstorm coming our way and be prepared with required stuffs (gas, food, warmth, etc etc) for at least 3 days. It was sent in as vaue predictions, it is surprising to notice that the reality turned out to be as predicted in Seattle area. We lost power on thursday night when a heavy rain and wind with 70 or so mph started late in the evening. All we were prepared was only having enough fuel in our car. We had had our dinner as usual by 7pm.

Day 2: Friday Dec 15. 
I had scheduled my day to be out of office, and woke up relaxed at 8am. We stopped by my daughter’s school and noticed it was closed. My wife, daughter and I headed towards my wife’s work place, it took about 2hrs to drive 12 miles with all 4-way stops (lack of traffic lights) and few U-turns due to road closure. Though we noticed couple of traffic lights near my wife’s work place, there was a power outage in her building and was closed. So, now we all are out driving around and looking for a warm place, a cup of coffee, a place to charge our cell phones and a place to find internet access to see what’s happening around. We reached the Bellevue square mall an hour later passing thru’ another set of 4-way stops.  It was great to see the parking lot was empty and having plenty of parking spots closer to an elevator for my little car. That’s when we realized it was out of power and hence the situation. Anyways, we got in – though a bit cold – it was not windy inside.. hehe… We spent some time there and our little one lost patience and wasn’t interested to play on a boat there. We met a friend and she said KCLS had power. We made our way to KCLS and reached there an hour or so later and made few rounds for another 1/2 hour to find a parking spot. Sure enough, library did have power. We made our way to a coffee vending machine and then a spot to re-charge our cell phones. It was later in the evening when we realized about looking for a propane gas stove. Ah! another adventure stopping by many stores and heading back not finding one since they were all gone. We finally managed to buy a camping stove and then started to look for propane gas tank and no avail. Back home for another sweet night to sleep in and not having to login to computer 🙂

Day 3: Saturday Dec 16
Headed out looking for propane gas cylinder. Stores were out of it – still managed to go through 4-way stops and reached another mall nearby. Mall had power, we noticed. We spent most of the day time there and headed out when it turned dark.  Did some groceries and few other areas had power by then. We heard from somebody that one of the restaurants was functional. We had our dinner there. Glad, our 2yr old was co-operative with all our activities. 

Day 4: Sunday Dec 17
We got the power back. Made few phone calls to check in. It took a long while to set up our cable modem – perhaps it was an issue on the source but I carried on with my troubleshooting skills – ew!

Overall, I know I can’t say this out loud, but personally, I enjoyed the quite days not having to login into computer late at night and just relax sleeping in for 10hrs+ all the nights of power outage. 🙂

I think we learned a few things this week by experience:
a. Patience – just take things easy at situations and think on what can be done instead of what happened.
b. Admired driving sense in this city – inspite of not having traffic lights, our traffic was moving and no hazards – at least as we noticed while driving around.
c. spent some quality time with all 3 of us together all the time
d. etc etc


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  1. Yep, it was wonderful to see that Ram could not login to his computer and was peaceful.I totally agree with things to be learnt. It was a different experience. It made me realise that we take too many things for granted.Also , wiht the power outrage, i felt we had so much time to spend together. Thank GOd we have power now

    Comment by Lakshmi — December 21, 2006 2:19 pm @ 2:19 pm | Reply

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