December 24, 2006 11:49 pm

Mail-in Rebates – how reliable?

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You probably see many sales promotions and offers – especially during good events like christmas, etc. Most of us do buy things and counting on the rebate we get on purchased item. We usually don’t go for rebate related purchases, however, a year ago for last Christmas, we decided to go for a shared cell phone where-in we get 2 phones paying “x” dollars each and you would get “y” dollars from the service provider and “z” dollars from another channel. So, we bought 2 Motorolla phones with x-plan. The rebate structure was like this: (a) $50 rebate soon after activation (b) $100 rebate upon sending in 3rd statement from the activation date. We’ve received the $50/- rebate within 8 or so weeks from the day we sent in forms upon the phone activation early this year. We have sent in the forms for $100/- rebate around 1st quarter of this year. As per the forms, it was going to take about 6 to 8 weeks to receive the rebate checks. Well, it appears like 6 to 8 weeks hasn’t happened to cellphonerebates.com  yet, although claim seems to be approved around 2 months ago.  🙂

This makes me think,
how reliable are these mail-in rebate bases promotions?
Inspite buying on such deals in general, how many people would remember to send in the rebate forms?
How many would lose the forms or forget about sending in the forms at all?
How many would genuinely receive the promised amount back as a rebate?
And, finally how many would even receive it? 🙂

I thought we would receive those rebate checks as Christmas gift this year – and hoping to receive before I either  switch the plans, phones or service providers shortly 🙂


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