January 16, 2007 12:03 am

Customer Service – Car showroom – is this how one would respond?

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We were recently looking around for the available Toyota dealer/showrooms in this local area; and left a note for a quick quote on a model we wanted to get more information on. We received an introductory email with phone number, etc. I was so surprised and excited – and mentioned about how great the customer service in the USA is. Well, we have had great experiences in this country, in general. My wife replied back with an one liner – asking if there are any pointers where we can get more information about any special offers they have in store and MSRP/quote if possible. I just checked an email note that reads –

Hey guys, did I piss you guys off? She wants an email with price quote with invoice and MSRP and the best that we can do? She will not come visit me. Defident Indian! Can you send her an email? 

<note:  removed sender name and dealership name from the context>

 sure, I am disappointed. I am not sure whether that sales rep wrote this note to an internal team and mistakenly sent to us or  he did mean something else when this was sent. 

Is this how one would respond to the customers?

On top of this, I received a customer survey call from the same dealer (probably ‘coz I have been a regular customer there), and with this kind of response and recent experience I had, I wonder, if I would be able to give a proper feedback.


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