March 9, 2007 11:50 pm

Photography as a coincidental art…

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It has been a long time since I followed up on some of blogs on my blogroll. I just happened open up Tommy’s blog and read his post about photography, his frustration as he points it out, and point-shoot art. In fact, his post made me write something about it as I get excited when I hear or read about photography. I am just a beginner with photography and started my hobby with point and shoot camera and I still use a point and shoot to picture anything I find interesting. Anyways, talking about

“… try to frame it, think about the light, think about the composition, think, and think, and think …”

  –> I guess we usually keep such expectations in a mode of taking great pictures. I have to admit here, it was after my (now 2 yr old) daughter starting crawling around was when I completely realized that I can’t set expectations on quality of my pictures at least when I shoot them. So, I would turn off the flash, go to a brighter spot on a sunny day and have her crawl around and sit up and then take series of pictures.

At the end, I would find 3 or 5 good pictures out of about 80+ pictures during that session. I had also tried having her sit up and keep her on certain position and then go back to my camera tripod, adjust the focus, set the blinds, re-adjust the lens, turn on the flash, etc etc and by then, she would be moving away from the spot. Though I would think I take 10 good pictures, but ended up  with blurry, shaky pictures and not achieving anything for that session 🙂

On a related note, I had once read on one of my friend’s blog “what makes you click?” It is profounding especially if a hobby is photography and if you have a working camera in hand.

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