April 2, 2007 11:48 pm

SCRUM and deliverables…

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I am still confused. Either I don’t understand the essense completely or I am not finding the right resources. What is it that I am confused about when it comes to the project management framework like SCRUM. I have been part of the projects in SDLC or waterfall framework. As you know waterfall framework is phased approach and the phases are analysis,development, test, etc… Either because I am used to this environment or the concept itself, at least, it helps us to see 6 or 10 months from now. Yes, it may not be accurate, but at least you do have some references or/and guidelines.

Well, SCRUM framework itself is made of timeboxed sprints of generally 30days each. And at the end of each sprints you have something that can be delivered. Cool, that’s great. You always have something to go live with. I understand this type of thinking works great with sustaining kind of products where you can plan for releases every 30 days. But then, How about a version 1.0 kind of applications? I heard it is much better to use scrum for this situation that gives a lot of flexibility to the product owner and the team.  I agree, product owner has the flexibility and be able to see something at the end of each month / sprint. At the same time,

  • how about the teams?
  • How would it help the functional teams to see the big picture?
  • How well the design teams be able to design an architecture that is scalable for the entire feature in scope by the end of nth sprint?
  • What are the possibilities / likelyhood that the architecture will have to be re-designed in 5th sprint because it didn’t fit the feature set that is being built in 5th sprint?
  • How are testing planned?
  • What would be the temperature check of the functional teams by the end of 5th sprint in terms of changing code, changing design, changing test cases, executing regression cases, changing automation. How would all the time be accounted for?

One may say, modify the SCRUM framework to accomodate the situation. Great, but that’s not what SCRUM recommends. Anyways, my objective of this post was to know how and where I can get better information to understand the Estimation, Project Schedule and the end Deliverables mapped together. I had once put together some resources etc on this blog before. I think my compile is incomplete. How do I know? because – my questions are still not answered. I think these can be better answered if only if product management creats a better product backlog and properly prioritized on what feature set is absolute requirement. So my understanding at this time is “thru SCRUM framework project management, by the end of 4 sprits we should be able to go live with something. At the end of a sprint, we will have something working. We can’t promise on releasing product in <so and so> month.

please help me have a better understanding of SCRUM framework …

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