April 15, 2007 12:19 am

Seagull: Begin by knowing you have already arrived

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SeagullUpon looking at Veena’s blog picture – seagull,  I placed a hold on Jonathan Livingston Seagull video at our local library.  I remember hearing this title before but had never made an attempt to read or watch video. However, we received a video today and I am watching this video where I think we are half way through the video (paused it for tomorrow). It is interesting to learn about that seagull’s life, the determination he has and how he gets better. I just looked at the Wikipedia to see further about the book – authored by Richard Bach. In the midst of my 2-year old’s blabbeing and this video running, what caught my attention was the phrase “begin by knowing you have already arrived”. It is a very powerful statement. I think of this as Dr.Covey’s “Begin with end in mind”. Although the video I am watching wasn’t detailed enough for this phrase, but thinking about this – for a second – it is so true most people do forget where they are headed to in life, and just take things as they come – Crisis Management. 


I understand it depends how we interpret certain things, however, Jonathan Seagull makes himself courageous to explore new things (viz., fly high enough and beyond the limit), understands the meaning of limit. Learn everything possible by self exploration and through the mentorship. Here comes the value addition of mentorship. He already knew about flying and had put lot of efforts into it. He had seen the world the long and hard way as part of his exploration, in spite, he wanted to learn more. I call that as a great Attitude. As I understood, having that kind of mentorship helped him realize his purpose of life. He finally learns new things and per the suggestions/advice, he goes back to his community to help others to fly – think outside the box. “Forgive” is another word I heard there. As I read somewhere recently – “Mahatma Gandhi says: Forgive is the Attribute of the Strong.” Jonathan Seagull now becomes a teacher to help others being a student himself to learn from others. This reminds me of what Christopher Columbus said. A) Be a student for the initial 3rd part of life – learn everything from the teachers, life, mentors, etc.  B) build the fortune, accumulate all the skills required to be successful in life and C) now become an ambassador – teach what you know at the same time be open to learn more – Give back what you can to life and living being. 


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