June 10, 2007 12:13 pm

Volunteer event

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I was at a volunteer event yesterday after a long time. It was pretty exciting on things happen at the volunteer events. Number of things we learn as part of the communicty activity. it is also a great feeling of helping and being part of the community.

  • Unity
  • Team work
  • get along with people whom we might already know ore new
  • assign tasks to ourselves
  • keep doing things keeping the group goal as subject
  • get to know other people – meet new people

What we did at the event:
As planned people got together at 11:45am. Signed up and then went to the project location. We got 2-minute instruction on what our goal was – someone did a demo on how to use the WeedWrench [1]. A minute later, 40+ people started on the task right away around 12:15pm. At least in my case, i didn’t turn back for about 45mins to see where we were and when I did, we had already cleared about 10+feet. there by in 3hrs (around 3pm) we had cleared at least about 2000+ sqft area (per my visual guess). that was awesome…   Typical northwest weather was in our favor, in a way, as it was raining / drizzling a bit and the soil was softer to remove the plants. As such, it wasn’t that tiring due to calm weather. hehe…
(picture from kk.org)

 We voluntered through SeattleWorks for yesterday


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