September 15, 2007 1:08 am

Extra mile, some people in service industry take through…

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It is less too often that we get the great customer service in day to day acquaintances. However, there are several companies or people willing to share and help people fix issues or resolve any problems. We moved into another house this spring. We also had the gas furnace serviced when we moved in. Our Real estate agent had this serviced through another company that he knew about. Few days later we noticed a cold air blowing through the vents inside the house. We enquired several people around, compared the furnace settings at different homes – all these were matching up. We also changed the settings on the thermostat – issue still not resolved. All other steps we did based on our knowledge looked ok. One fine morning, i thought of calling up the service organization to get some help. It was over 60 days and i wasn’t sure if their service warranty would accomodate or we would have to get the technician come home to take a look.

Anyways, one fine sunday morning, i just called up the number provided on the sticker and left a message, we have been having this kind of issue ever since the furnace was serviced – if someone could help me with that. Somebody from that company called me back in 2 minutes, and asked me bunch of questions. I go like ‘hmm.. yes – i did that’ i checked this, yada yada yada… Anyways, i followed the steps he asked me to check (over phone), and found out that we had one of the fans running in the laundry room. and that fixed the problem.

What made my day was the courtesy he had to walk me through in resolving the issue. He didn’t even ask me to confirm anything whether they had serviced our furnace or not. Some times the extra mile some of these people take, goes a long way in building Trust with the Clients. Would I recommend that company to others – Sure. Was my conversation great on that phone call – absolutely. And the company was All-HiTech Heating & Air Conditioning –> i think they are located in Kirkland,WA.

I wish most other companies / organizations in service industry go that way.

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