October 29, 2007 10:33 pm

Radio News – Stress Saver traffic…

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Radio News – Stress Saver Traffic … or so is what I heard as when I turned on the Radio on the way back home. I am wondering why it is termed as “Stress Saver” traffic. Is it probably to save that stress you have while driving or ok – we have these traffic news, relax ‘coz it is going to take some time to clear out the traffic in your direction. Something, I am still trying to understand further. Almost everytime I hear this section of news, these are standards:

a. SouthBound I-405 and EastBound I-90 – major construction   – 2 lanes blocked
b. North Bound I-405 between NE 8th street and NE 4th street – 2 lanes closed for a major accident clear up
c. major accident on the east bound 520 bridge, it is going to take 60mins crossing the bridge
d. hwy 99 at so and so street – road closed
e. between SE12th and “name” street on west bound 520, traffic is very much congested due to heavy rain and 2 minor accidents.

“radio channel” news, stress saver traffic, brought to you by “blah blah blah company”

–> so is this like stress saver or stress reliever 🙂

I am confused…


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