November 30, 2007 5:53 pm

what does “I will miss you all…” mean?

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I often see emails or hear from people departing the group or company – “I will miss you all”.

What exactly does this mean?

  • really really sad that i need to leave due to unavoidable circumstances?
  • just for the sake of saying something before I leave from here
  • an exaggeration
  • I am happy that I am heading out for better things in life that’s waiting out there for me
  • thank god i am outta here 🙂

It is ok for the 1st bullet. however, in my mind it is ok to say that the stop has come to drop off and catch another train in this journey. Everyone has their on goals and destinations to reach. One train does not everybody to where they want to go. People do make their own choices (most times) and having chosen one, why even feel bad about missing the past?

Or i think the phrase “I will miss you all …” is not complete – it can possibly be completed as “… I will come back if I do miss you all so much” 🙂


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