December 6, 2007 11:37 pm

One at a time .. ok!!! – Communication

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Communication – we learn a lot from infants and toddlers. Our 2.5 year old received a box of chocolates from  our guests recently. Although she had seen it that day, it wasn’t opened until recently when it took a little while to prepare some food for her and we gave her a chocolate. Without her knowledge, we had placed it in a porcelain bowl (has a closed lid too). She noticed it sometime a day or two later. Now, she thought she is free to eat as much she want from the bowl. Until we got a chance to replace it, she picked one. From a distance we said, V- only one please. We have noticed she hears those words even at the stores and doctors’ offices to pick only one sticker most time she visits those places. And she is used to pick one sticker, although sometimes, she wants to grab more of them.

Back to Chocolate, she picked one – and now a days, she gets there – she says “One at a time, ok!!!!” , picks one. a minute later, she says “mommy, one at a time, ok!!!” she picks another one. All candys were gone within 10mins.

Now I think, she probably did exactly we told her to. Thinking back, we said, “sweety, only one please” – so sure, she picked only one. but One every time and saying One at a time – and sure it was “Only One At A Time”

— so we have now changed the same to “Sweety, one at a time and also only Once A Day” – I hope this turns out to be better now 🙂

Although it started with a candy, but this is now being used with Watching TV as well – one barney video a day for 30mins to an hour.

Communication, As I heard from a lot of people was either with respect to not being able to say words or bad attitude. But it also involves what we say and how we say it and also, how specific and giving room to make assumptions.


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