December 11, 2007 11:29 am

Anita Rowland

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I usually go over the links in my blog roll before I go to other blogs. If there are no updates on those posts, i make an assumption that people are busy and probably traveling, exams, project deliveries, etc. The last post from Anita was on nov8, I never made an attempt to either call or email her or Jack (her husband). This morning, I clicked on her blog site and noticed a sad news. Jack has details on his blog

Sorry Anita. We miss you.

The first I learned about Anita was at the meetup when I was signing up for Bellevue / eastside blogger meet up.  I went there at the crossroads mall and met Anita, Jack, Tommy, Alex and others at the 1st meeting. Later on i attended a few of those monthly meetups. Anita was always informative, social – she would greet and know about every individual at the meetup. She remembered all the names. I remember the name tags she always talked about. “hello, I am <name>
She was fond of children. I have seen her with her grand son and going around with him in the crossroads mall.
My wife also admired Anita so much when she met her for the first time at the crossroads meetup.
I have learned from her on how to be energetic and learn from the life irrespective of adversities.
thank you, Anita. Peace


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