January 23, 2008 8:40 pm

xyz for $1, something for Rs.1lakh, another for under $1000

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MSNOff late I have been seeing different techniques in sales and marketing that is attracting to the consumers.

 (image source: http://stb.msn.com/i/1E/CCA77735B68ED767CD6B2E02F991D.jpg)

+ Few days ago, it was the announcement of Tata-Nano for Rs.1Lakh [link];
+ this morning I noticed an article about starbucks coffee for $1 [link];
+ few months ago, a laptop for under $500 <i don’t know the source> –> which is true as I noticed when I was purchasing a laptop computer on Dell.com 2 months ago [inspiron1525 for $499][2].

Some time ago when I was at the local IKEA store, I noticed $1 latte cups. I bought it everytime I was there. The coffee store is at the exit of the store, so by the time I went around the store and picked up few things and completed the check out process, I would see this store, so buy a cup of coffee and sit there for some more time to relax after going around the entire store. It was great to sip a cup of coffee at the end of spending an hour or more to go around the store 🙂

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