January 24, 2008 11:05 pm

Traveling in India – Perspective

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I stumbled upon Steve’s blog few days ago. Reading one post about his travel log about Mumbai and the other about the Diwali celebration, made me read more of his travellogs. Since then I had a chance to catch up on few of his blog posts there. Being from west, he has described his perception and has shared his day-2-day experiences from smaller shops, restaurants, railways, cities, farm lands, celebrations, traffic, etc etc. For people like me, although being from the same land (from south of India) not traveled towards central or North or East or west of India, it is good to read about others’ experiences around the country. The most I had been to was on a 3 day trip to Mumbai more than a decade ago. I am sure lots of things have changed since then and there will be tremendous change in another decade, with the amount of development happening all around the country in terms of infrastructure, etc.


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  1. Hi Ram

    I am staying in Mumbai from last 2 yrs. but still have not seen most of the places. In terms of infrastructure, yes lot of development is going on. Gradually, you can see only buildings and slums around you in Mumbai, no mountains, no trees nothing.

    Comment by Nidhi — January 25, 2008 12:48 am @ 12:48 am | Reply

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