January 26, 2008 12:37 am

70mins wait for 10mins of dinner!

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We went to a local cuisine with our 3yr old daugher for dinner tonight. I looked 3/4th full from outside. We still went in. We were at the entrance inside the door, it was about 30deg F outside, waiting for about 10+ minutes, but there didn’t seem to be anybody to offer us the table. We thought of deciding on our order while we were standing there, so picked up a menu to decided on that as well. A few minutes later, host came there and offered us a table. On the way to the table, we said, we are ready with our order so you do not need to give us a menu to look. He still insisted that there was going to be another person to take orders.

Well, we sat by the table. We got 2 copies of menu on the table. 5 minutes later somebody came there and took our order – 1 south indian thali and 1 mango lassi. We tried to keep our 3yr engaged asking lot of questions from her memory bank – about the time she got hurt last week and the activities around that; her activities at school since morning; about her birthday; etc etc. There was another table adjacent to us also had ordered 2 thalis for them. At a point, our daughter became a bit fussy, they tried making couple tricks with the cutlery on the table. 25 mins past, we received our 1 mango lassi.  We now had something else to keep our daughter engaged. She took few sips and she was done. 10 mins later a samosa – helped to engage her for 10 more minutes. 20 mins later, we received plates and a thali. Our daughter had a bit of naan and my wife a little bit after waiting that long there.

Eventually about 70 to 80 mins wait, and 10 mins of eating. It was about time for them to close, so the employees were quick to bring us the check and clear the payment, so that we could leave from there.

Food is usually good in that restaurant. We used to go early evening or for a buffet but it was around 7:45 that we went to the cuisine tonight. I often enjoyed the buffet in this restaurant.

Talk about customer service, it is usually hard to see a smile on employees there. They could have at least cautioned us about the approximate wait time. Or Perhaps, we should have asked them when we were directed to a table or when we placed an order. Well, a lesson learned for the next time in a similar situation 🙂

It was fun though spent quite some time there.

On another positive note, my wife said, “hmm… it is probably a prep for us to learn how to keep our 3yr old engaged on our upcoming (long) air travel in next few months.” yes – we are thinking about things we can do to keep her engaged for about 24 hours of air travel. 🙂


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