February 10, 2008 12:42 am

Book Review: Speed Reading for Professionals

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I recently borrowed this book titled "Speed-Reading for Professionals"  from the local library.  Reading initial few pages of introduction, I realized I belonged to one of those sample categories described in the book. Reading is my hobby, but at times I used to feel bad because a small 200 pages book that I borrow from the library would not be completed within the time and had either renew or return half read. On the other hand, my wife would read a book in one or two sitting. Although I am half way with this book, I am trying to implement the techniques described in the book, to read other books I have in hand.

Key Chapters this book covers:
    Understanding why we read slowly, How to change
    Learn to Jog, Not Walk, Through your Reading
    Learn to Run, Not Jog, Through your Reading
    Learn to Sprint, Not Run, Through your Reading
    Understanding and Remembering What you Read

This book is organized into read,implement, practice sections.
             Gives the information first; test run what was described on a sample passage; and suggests to read at least about 10 pages in any book of your choice to implement what was just learned. 
             There are a set of questions following those set of sample passages, for readers to assess their understanding from their short reading. Authors also suggest to go back and read the passage again, if there were questions remain unanswered.

The key point authors make before starting any of those practice passage/exercise is to not to get discouraged even if we lean towards slow reading at any point of time. Just realize the fact and move on with new habit. I am currently reading 5th chapter (sprint). Triple chunking (Left, middle, Right), one of the techniques, appears to be working great for me. I am timing my reading in the past couple of days, and it turns out to be close to 2 minutes for an average page of the same size that I used to take around 5 minutes. Although I think it is still slower, but I think it will get better.

Other Pros I noticed just doing this speed reading:
    a. tend to focus on reading content or at least try to pull myself back to the track, as opposed to having my mind wander around. I realized, letting my mind think about other ToDo’s.
    b. not literally read the words as if I am speaking the words – that used to slow me down before.

It is just a beginning. Looking forward to enjoy more and more reading 🙂


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