February 13, 2008 12:02 pm

Oh! my poor Tilt!

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My At&t Tilt! is dead now. I bought a new Tilt and switched to At&t service about 75 days ago. It was working ok although I used to have an issue speaking with a speaker turned On. I installed/ setup GPS service last week and installed Live Search to leverage the GPS features inbuilt in the phone. Coincidentally, It has stopped communicating out since last Saturday. Calls went through for that day, but later on Sunday, it completely stopped even getting the calls through and receiving calls. I am out of phone now.


I went to the AT&T store on Sunday evening and got a number to call. Back to my car and borrowed my wife’s phone to Call at&t customer service. They asked me to go back to the store and have some one talk to her from there. Why? My phone’s IMEI number did not match the phone number to identify I was the right person or if it was the right phone for my number. that’s interesting. Anyways, since i was closer to the store, went back and had some one help me with that. They both talked over phone and went through few check points. Confirmed the phone was in in the good condition with no liquid spills or damaged.  After all this, customer service gal talked to me and said she would ship a replacement phone. I am awaiting a replacement phone device.

Sad part is AT&T sends a refurbished phone and not a new phone. I am very disappointed with that. Although I thought At&T is a great service, but it disappointed me with this transaction now. 😦

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