February 15, 2008 12:05 am

ABCD EFG…. baby language at home and everywhere! :)

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We were in a conversation with our friends a few days ago. My wife chimed in “mo mo please”  they were like – what is it? She immediately corrected, I need more and mentioned about our daughter that she says “mo mo” when she needs something.

On another instance when met with other set of friends, in one conversation, I said, “No mo monkey jumping” – though I was embarrassed, we quickly changed it to our daughter’s poem.

At work, sometimes, I catch myself humming rhymes like “Mary had a little lamb” or “sailing sailing sailing for life” etc etc. I heard the same from my wife as well. When we are driving together, we tend to talk baby talk even though when our daughter not on her child seat and in school.

There are many such words or acts I try to imitate and keeping imitating her and have noticed she had already passed that phase. My wife says, you keep talking the baby talk, she has already stopped saying those words and she has moved on. I probably realize a little late and keep expecting her to be 1yr old or 2 yr old, and today, she is 3 yr old toddler and will be going to pre-school in next few months.

Do you get addicted to baby tone if you have infants/toddlers at home? Do you get those worms ringing in your ears (humming rhymes and tunes)?


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  1. My son is 12+. The shlokas he learnt when he was a toddler are imprinted in my mind even now. I love rpeating it the way he used to lisp them…
    Kids grow up fast…and we want to hold on to those beautiful memories….of their growing up.

    Comment by neela — February 15, 2008 5:24 am @ 5:24 am | Reply

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