February 25, 2008 8:05 am

Is there anything I can help you with, sir?

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I am not sure why some customer representatives ask this question, when they don’t really help me with my series of questions. I had informed a banking institution about a mailing address update in mid 2007 and have also received the confirmation on both the addresses confirming the change accordingly. I was happy that they finally took care of. I have been going through this in past several years now. However, in October 2007, I received a forwarded mailer (annual statement) that was sent to the address I had provided when the account was opened several years ago. I was confused again. I called that bank yesterday, and mentioned about these. The CSR kept saying about sending in the change of address form again. I am not able to understand, why I need to send in the COA for several times. Unfortunately he did not have answer to it. For Privacy or whatever reason, They DO NOT say out the address they have on their records when asked for it, in spite of giving them my vital information to somehow Prove I was the same person. He asked me to say out all the addresses I had provided since the time account was opened. He kept saying “No” for all except for my current one (which is correct). Then, How in the world, they sent an annual statement to my very First address.

Well, He did not have answer to it. He said “is there anything I can help you with?”  I said, well, this has been a mystery, I hope it gets resolved soon. Can you send me a copy of my tax papers? He said it has been mailed out? I asked to which Address? He says, ” I think to the address we have on record“. Again, I am keeping my fingers crossed, and hope it will be delivered next week. CSR wasn’t definitive on where and when it was mailed out to me. *sigh*

CSR: “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
Me: I am somewhat disappointed that I didn’t receive the answers for my questions yet.
CSR: “sorry, is there anything else I can…..

I said, ok one last question,
Me: I have a question about availing a credit card, since I am traveling couple of months from now, would you mind point me to the phone number that I can call?
CSR: We don’t know the phone number, I don’t have it.
Me: Well, I understand, but can you help me providing the information on where I need to contact for credit card division?
CSR: No, we don’t have that information
CSR: Is there anything else……

I am so confused. They have several products and services. I understand not everybody would have the information all the products and services. However, They should at least know the resources and redirect customers to the appropriate source of information.  I was asking about the same bank’s products and not others.

I think I need to make a visit to this bank when I go to India and get these answered in-person. I hope they would be courteous enough to spend few minutes to explain this to me.

I think, CSR training team needs to take this phrase off from their material and not disappoint their customers further….


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