February 27, 2008 6:00 am

Laparoscopic Surgery

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I had to undergo a surgery last week. I have been postponing the process for quite sometime and finally had decided to go for it this year. I was sent back 2 weeks ago since I had cough and high fever. We had it rescheduled for last week. Doctor had explained to me about the difference between the Open Surgery and the Laparoscopic. I didn’t quite understand much at that time. He had also given me some material to read. I read more on wikipedia [link]. Reading more, I understood about the risks, advantages, disadvantages of these procedures.

However, I had to undergo the procedure last week. As we have heard, Ignorance is Bliss, since I didn’t know all the details, I didn’t think much about it, probably because I wanted to get this done ASAP. I have been on rest for almost a week now.

Now, that I wanted to know more about the procedure, I searched for any possible resources on youTube. Found a video clip on yahoo of the same procedure I went through. It now makes me scary that I went through it. Thanks to the Surgeon and Crew that performed on me. Thanks to whoever shared these online, (note: these video clips are not mine) it has been a good insight for me to understand what went through in a similar situation I was – and of course I was put into sleep for couple of hours.

Caution: If you can’t see a surgical process, blood, etc, PLEASE do not watch these clips. Clip1, same clip in smaller resolution


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