March 9, 2008 12:01 am

Daylight Savings – Spring Forward

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It’s (almost) Spring – Daylight Savings kicking in. Until recently, I was always confused on when to turn the clock backwards by an hour and when to turn forward; meaning between March/April or Oct/Nov.

so Spring forward by an hour at 2am on March 09 (on Sunday) [second sunday of March] and Fall back in November.

see more information about Daylight Savings on encarta site here

So a funny story here, we at home often have one of the clocks in different daylight savings time. Anyways, around March is when we tend to get up a bit earlier compared to other days. So we think, oh at least we are getting up a little early. and then the daylight saving kicks in, the same time (getting up at 7am) all of a sudden becomes 8am. Now, get adjusted to an hour difference now. Part of the reason why we think we are getting up early around early march is the day light, Sun starts to rise at 6’ish around this season and going forward about 4:%5am in mid summer.

As we approach October/November, Sun rises around 6’ish and one fine morning we realize “Fall back” (1st sunday of Nov). Sun starts to rise (at least what we think since we adjust the clock), at 7’ish and then around 8am in December. It is another cycle of getting adjusted to late sun rise and early sunset (5’ish PM)

Anyways, welcome Spring and forward the clocks by an hour on 9th. Though Spring officially starts on March 20th this year.

hmmm… I always thought it was on 21st. I do not know if it is due to Leap year that the Spring officially starts on March 20th instead, this year.

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