March 10, 2008 12:05 am

Cellular phones and Students…

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I was searching for a website of one of the schools I attended. In the meanwhile, this article caught my eye that’s titled “Karnataka to ban mobile use by under 16s“.

Well there are Pros and and Cons for any gadget. It depends on how we weigh those Pros and Cons and how we make use of those gadgets. The question rather is, whether the cellular phone usage be really banned for school students or help them understand the necessity of the phones and educate the kids on its Usage. Agreed, it is hard to have kids understand and be adhered to what was said, but that can be true for Math too or any language subjects too or perhaps the games like cricket or other video games.  Are Nintendos banned? or those hand held video game consoles banned from the kids, No.

Looking at the Pros, having cell phones handy, always helps them to communicate to their family members (parents) and be accessible when required. Days are gone when the schools are just around the corner, and a parent would go and pick up their kids. There are lot more sports and activities that we engage kids into. At times, they would have to go to their other classes (be it swimming, basket ball, music, soccer lessons) directly from the school and then come home later in the day. Having cellular phones helps Parents to communicate and vice-versa.

</rant complete>


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