April 6, 2008 12:55 am

Who is responsible? and why a mess?

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Although not enough information mentioned here in this write up I just came across on a kannada daily news paper, it is still a mess that people created and not knowing who exactly was responsible for this accident.


“translation: a person was ran over by a bus while she was getting off another bus and she passed away on the spot. This caused the people around get angry and threw stones at the bus.” 

The way I notice people cross the streets, the way they board and get off the bus, it is interesting to understand who exactly be responsible for such incidents.This write up poses few questions, it is not known whether the stone war happened on the bus she was getting off of or the bus that ran over the lady. It says the bus moved from the left. People get off the board from the left side of the bus so that means, the one she was getting off from was not really towards the curb where it should be comparatively safe to alight. So why did she have to get off the bus in the middle of the road? These buses do not have the door to close at the door way, so that means the driver of the bus she is alighting from can not be responsible either, since he has no control over people who wants to get off the bus (or jump off the bus) whatsoever, unless he intentionally stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road for people to get off.

Now, the mob, why did people take the act of throwing stones? was it because bus ran over the lady? or because the bus stopped at the middle of the road? or just an emotional and have something to create a mess. Why do people take such decisions without understanding the fact?

I see people show their arms as if they have magical powers in their hands to stop the vehicles in the middle of the road and take their time to cross the very busy street.

Who is responsible for such accidents? Pedestrians? vehicle drivers? the city development for not having supportive infrastructure?


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